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Beccy Goldberg (RSHom), Qualified Homeopath

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Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine used worldwide. A tiny pill, holistically matched to your symptoms, triggers the immune system to heal even in chronic conditions.

Beccy’s natural skepticism is constantly amazed by what homeopathy can do. “ It’s more like retuning the engine than just patching a tyre, sometimes with a respray thrown in!”

Stress, overwork, grief, trauma, humiliation or anxiety can all be underlying causes of disease. Homeopathy addresses the whole you, and Beccy aims to be supportive and unshockable.


Beccy trained at the Northwest College of Homeopathy, renowned for its classical standards, with some of the UK’s finest practitioners. Her background is as a professional musician, lecturer, teacher, and confidence coach.

Clients have consulted Beccy about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harm, addiction, hay fever, arthritis, acne, grief, sinusitis, asthma, toothache, allergies, fertility, ADHD, flu,chronic fatigue/ME, behavioural issues, period pain, migraine, digestive problems, injuries,panic attacks, addiction, fibromyalgia, grief, anger, sciatica,menopause, IBS and performance anxiety.Children and teenagers welcome.


Please note that celebrity endorsements, anecdotes, testimonials and listed conditions are customer opinion, not evidence. For hard undisputed research and referencing, please follow the links or visit the Homeopathic Research Institute.



“Becky first came to my assistance having witnessed firsthand during rehearsals (and concerts!) my acute allergic reactions – I would have prolonged and almost debilitating sneezing fits, causing a lot of nasal/sinus pain, these fits triggered by a variety of things such as dust, animal hair, red wine, and even tiredness…”

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 “I went to Beccy for help following the bereavement of a close friend, having spent 6 months caring for my friend during her illness. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Beccy worked wonders with both her interpersonal and homeopathic skills…”

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