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Behavioural Issues in Children

“My 7 year old daughter has been a patient of Beccy’s for nearly 3 years. I initially contacted Beccy as my daughter was experiencing awful nightmares and teeth-grinding during her sleep, and extreme outbursts of rage during her waking hours.

I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful Beccy for her compassion, empathy and insightful observations which helped enable us to get to the root cause of my daughter’s fears – a childhood trauma.The results of her subsequent treatment have been extraordinary. Beccy has been with us every step of the way – supporting and caring for us both – and helping to keep my daughter in balance no matter what the challenges.

I have now got my happy, confident, vivacious daughter back! And if she’s happy, I’m happy.

The ongoing support and care that we have received has been phenomenal, and always delivered with Beccy’s characteristic calm, good humour. My daughter loves Beccy and we both trust her implicitly. I would highly recommend Beccy and Homeopathy for Health. It is no exaggeration to say that she and her amazing ‘magic fairy pills’ have saved us. Thank you Beccy!”


“When I first brought Leo to Beccy for Homeopathic treatment it was following a drastic change in his temperament and behaviour. Leo had gone from being a happy and compliant boy (although still full of character and normal amount of three year old attitude!) to a very angry and aggressive boy who was almost impossible to reason with or calm during his outbursts. Leo began to get very angry when things were not going his way.His outbursts involved hitting me, screaming at me, grabbing and pinching and digging his nails in watching for reaction, and if I was trying to restrain him he would try and use teeth! It didn’t matter how calm I remained, his anger escalated. When he finally calmed himself he was back to happy go lucky Leo…almost Jekyll and Hyde. After talking to Beccy it became clear that Leo’s anger was a result of insecurity over various things and he was bottling everything up.

Following the treatment Leo is a much calmer child, there are now none of the major violent outbursts and Leo talks openly about his feelings so we can deal with them together. He does cry more easily now but I would far rather he did than bottle up those emotions!

He now smiles and waves at children in the street and is much more relaxed and happy, his concentration has improved vastly and he even got a Golden Child of the Week certificate at school! But he is happy, calm and well balanced which is a massive improvement.

I would wholeheartedly recommend a homeopathic approach for similar behavioural issues as I honestly believe Leo could have been pigeonholed as having ADHD or similar without it. Also the treatment was not just beneficial for Leo but helped me to see things in a different light so from a very happy household we owe a massive thank you to Beccy!”

Chronic Fatigue / M.E.

“I had severe ME/CFS for two years and reached a point of being totally housebound, in a lot of pain, and needing help with basic care needs. Even the specialists at the hospital couldn’t do anything that really helped, so we tried Homeopathy. Beccy was very professional and scientific in her approach. I experienced incredible effectiveness from the remedies she gave, treating anything from chronic muscle pain to memory loss or emotional instability. This last year I have gone from being in a wheelchair to starting to live a normal life, study, exercise, and have some independence again. This is an amazing form of medicine, gentle but really powerful and effective. Beccy is very thought through, careful and accurate in her treatment. Amazing results!”

Allergies and Hay Fever

“Becky first came to my assistance having witnessed firsthand during rehearsals (and concerts!) my acute allergic reactions – I would have prolonged and almost debilitating sneezing fits, causing a lot of nasal/sinus pain, these fits triggered by a variety of things such as dust, animal hair, red wine, and even tiredness. Hayfever was each year becoming progressively more acute.

Over a course of sessions, Becky discussed all aspects of my life, both past and present emotions and symptoms, to determine what the root of these extreme reactions could be, and how best to treat it.

Since Becky has been treating me, I have had virtually no reactions such as they were, and in the very rare event that I find myself sneezing, it is a mild reaction and brief, and I rarely need my inhaler. Even living through a number of months of major building works and all the dust and pollutants it throws up into the air, there has been barely any reaction. It is remarkable the change Becky has brought about, that I was once in so much pain and discomfort from these reactions to there now being barely any, and I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone go and see her with whatever might be ailing them!”


“Becky you were such a breath of fresh air, superb counsellor, professional and very knowledgeable. I can not thank you enough for helping and advising Niamh dealing with her dreadful migraines.Your advice and treatment was fantastic!”
“I have suffered with daily headaches and regular migraines for many years. After seeing Beccy and taking the remedies my daily headaches ceased to the occasional one and migraines became much less frequent and shorter in length of attack.

I would recommend seeing Beccy. Don’t suffer in silence and be fobbed off with painkillers from a G.P.

Depression, Grief, Anger

“I went to Beccy for help following the bereavement of a close friend. having spent 6 months caring for my friend during her illness. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Beccy worked wonders with both her interpersonal and homeopathic skills.

A great listener, Beccy took a lot of time and effort to gain a real understanding of where I was at and what made me ‘tick’ as a person. Based on this holistic understanding of me and my circumstances, Beccy provided me with a range of homeopathic treatments to help me get through those difficult months after the funeral, helping me to deal with everything from grief, anxiety and anger to sinus problems. Her treatments really helped, revealing Beccy to be a very skilled homeopath, the foundation of which I believe, lies in the combination of her expertise, sensitivity and empathy.”


“I am delighted with the help Beccy Goldberg gave us in treatment of our son.

The difference has been amazing and I can’t believe it was only a short time ago that we were all in a pretty dark and gloomy place.

We have a positive and happy lad back in our family and can’t thank her enough.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Panic Attacks, Stress, Anxiety

“I made an appointment to see Beccy after she was recommended by a friend. My anxiety had reached a level where it was making me physically ill. She has helped me enormously. The little pills she prescribed have been very effective. She also gave me a lot of practical advice and encouragement, this made a big difference too.

I have been able to go on holiday, enjoy social occasions and generally be myself again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beccy.”


“Hormones are your best friends and your worst enemies!! They are so powerful and controlling, they take words out of your mouth and straight away want to put them back!! The low moods, the lethargy, the need to sleep.
Thank goodness these are all memories!! My symptoms are now nothing like those dark days and much more manageable. Hot flushes, mmmm more of a warm feeling through the body.

Thank you Beccy!! No H.R.T. for me!!”