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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does homeopathy work?

70% of GPs in France prescribe homeopathic remedies, and medical trials plus historical research bear this out. My own experience is overwhelmingly positive.


  • Are you trained?

Yes indeed. A four year intensive course with the best homeopaths in the UK, in anatomy and pathology, homeopathic principles and medicines. Rigorous testing and clinical experience allows me to be insured and registered as a classical homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths . Always look for RSHom after the name.


  • Is it placebo?

Research on babies and animals says otherwise! Admittedly there are people who feel better simply for being really listened to by a caring professional. Some people are sceptical about the dilution process used in homeopathy. Dilution makes the substances we use safe, and new research appears to explain the imprinting of cellular patterns in water.


  • What will I be asked?

Medical and family history, detail of your current condition, and a bit about your personality and life.


  • Is it true you ask about what weather and food I like?

Yes. There may be ten possible remedies for your symptoms, and small details help me choose the closest match. Eg. Two people might have the same illness, but one wants the window open and the other puts the covers over their head. One wants to lie perfectly still, undisturbed, one wants lemonade or sympathy. This tells us which remedy is most exact.


  • Do you diagnose?

No. Only doctors are allowed to diagnose, and they have wonderful technology – blood tests, scans, x-rays etc. Your G.P’s expertise can explain or give a name to your symptoms. I will treat you and your illness as one, and can happily work alongside your G.P or hospital treatment .I recommend that you maintain contact with your G.P.


  • When do you work, Beccy?

Wednesday and Friday are my main clinic days, plus Tuesday 10 – 8pm at Manor House  Hadfield . I can often fit clients in at other times by to suit busy lives , or after school – all by appointment.


  • How long does my appointment take?

The first takes up to two hours, and follow-ups under an hour, depending on the person. It’s a good idea to commit to three appointments as a minimum, and to anticipate more if your illness is particularly serious or longstanding.


  • What happens after the first appointment?

I work on your case, analysing your symptom picture to find the best “like cures like” remedy,and I post it to you within 10 days, with instructions. One week after taking it, you let me know the initial changes you have noticed, then wait and watch for 4-6 weeks for the deeper changes, which can be dramatic or subtle. You keep a few notes, and we book you in for the next appointment, when you may need the same remedy in a stronger dose, or a different remedy to trigger your immune system to work on a deeper layer of your condition.


  • Can I ring in between?

Of course. If you become ill or have an emergency, I will be happy to prescribe over the phone at a reduced fee. This is covered if you are seeing me regularly. When you get used to homeopathy, you may like to buy a first aid kit for you and your family.


  • What if I get the answerphone?

Texting me is quickest. If I am lecturing or with a client there may be a wait, so there is a Homeopathic helpline for urgent advice (09065 343404 @ £1.50/min). If I am away I provide locum cover.


  • Is this confidential?

Absolutely. I am bound by the Society code of ethics. Your case notes are safely locked away, and in any supervision your name is withheld.


  • Do I have to give up beer and wine?

No… You can still eat chocolate too, but you may find yourself gradually changing lifestyle as you become more balanced and healthy.